Waskesiu – Couples Session

When it comes to fall in Saskatchewan, you can never be to sure of what the weather will be like. One minute it is sunny and warm, the next you are shovelling 3 feet of snow from your door way.
As I drove to Waskesiu I was uncertain of what would be waiting for us there.. would it be snow? Rain? both??
As I stepped out of my car and looked at the location surrounding me I knew that this session would be a wet, cold one.
Sam and Mackenzie were ready, they weren’t going to let a little bit of cold get in their way! (and I love it)
In fact.. they embraced it!
When things got a little chilly, Sam held Mackenzie tighter.
When it started to rain a bit, he protected her.

Watching these two interact was like watching a Nicholas Sparks film unfold before my eyes.
Their session was only 20 minutes but I instantly fell in love with their love story. They joked, they laughed and they held onto each other. When it comes to a couple session what more can you ask for?!
Seeing two people care for each other the way Sam and Mackenzie did, will always be my favourite part of my job.

On a side note, one of my favourite things about moody days is the dramatic black and white images that come from it. The last image in this post is one of my favourites from 2018.

^^see what I mean ^^