Katelynn & Tim – Weldon Engagement

When things get a little cold or a little windy, you just gotta laugh it off.
On the day of Katelynn, Tim and Karter’s session, mother nature sure worked hard to make the day interesting. (seriously, it’s been -40 for what seems like a life time)
The day started off with freezing rain (thankfully it was hours before their session and the roads were mostly ok to drive on)

As I approached weldon and started making my way down a back road, blizzard like winds started to flow.
Just like that the road in front of me vanished and I knew that my tiny car would not make it out of here without getting stuck.
So back to the town of weldon I went.
Thankfully in a big truck they were able to pick me up and we set off to our first destination at a friends farm.

The wind had died down and the sun was attempting to peak out so off we went to our next location at another friends farm.
This location was gorgeous!! So many beautiful snow covered trees and the perfect location to finish the session.
As we were there the sun left and then the snow started to fall.
It was as if Mother Nature wasn’t sure on what she wanted that day.

Through it all though these three smiled through the cold and walked through knee high snow to get these images and my heart will forever be happy!

Watching them interact as a family was pretty wonderful!
It is moments like that, that get me so excited for the next adventure to come for their little family.

Their wedding will be an amazing one and I can’t wait for this summer to come! (Hopefully mother nature is a little bit nicer)