When it comes to weddings, one of my favourite things we do for our clients is we include an album with their package.
When creating our wedding packages the most important thing to me was to offer albums.
We live in a time when most people leave their images on their usb, their computer on their phone but they don’t actually hold their prints in their hands.

When my husband and I got married 11 years ago we were handed a cd with our images on it. I created and printed off two albums, one for his parents and one for mine.
Then during one of our moves our cd disappeared and just like that our wedding images were gone!
Thankfully I had created two albums and can now show them to our children.

What I love about these albums…
They are Canadian made! I love supporting other businesses in Canada!
The images are printed on thick gorgeous paper!
The Cover!! You need to come hold one of these babies to truly get it

So if you are wondering just what our albums are like, take a look below.