BHDC-Dance Portraits

Today is the day.. today is the day that these amazing dancers take the stage for one last performance.
This is the moment they have been working towards all year. To some of these girls (and even a few gents) this studio has been their second home for the last 8 months.
From doing homework, to eating dinner and making lasting memories with friends.
They have worked tirelessly to perfect their dance and then push themselves a little more to really show off their skills.
One thing is for certain, BHDC dance recitals are a show you don’t want to miss.
This town may be little but the talent these kids have is pretty remarkable.
This is my third year photographing these dancers and every year these kids get better and better with their dances, jumps and poses.
The thing I love about this school is that when it comes to the individual portraits they give the kids the chance to pick out their own poses.
It makes their images their own and I love that!

So to kind of follow that, and this one is for all you dancers… Don’t be afraid to bring out your creative side when picking out your pose. This is your moment to shine and to have some fun with the techniques you have learned through the year.
When it comes to dance photography, I love photographing movement and character.
Your dance tells a story and so should your portrait.

For all those who aren not apart of this dance school (and even if you are) and want to take their dance pictures to a fun and creative level, I will be hosting a dancer mini series.
Bring your favourite costume (outfit) and get ready to dance your heart out in front of the camera.
The date is to be determined, so stay tuned for more information or email me at to learn more or even to just say hi.