Jamie & Nick – Airport Couple Session

When Jamie messaged me and said she wanted to do a couples session at the Birch Hills airport I was over the moon excited!
Every time I would drive by the Birch Hills Airport I would imagine what it would be like to do pictures there!
Well it became a reality a couple weeks ago when Jamie, Nick and myself headed off to the Birch Hills Airport.
So why the Birch Hills Airport you ask??
Well Nick is actually a mechanic there, and he is also a pilot!!
He spends a lot of time at the Birch Hills Airport, so it was only natural for us to head there for their couples session!
I met Nick years ago while I was working at a bank and he would come in and talk about his dream of owning and flying his own plane one day.
How cool is it that he is doing exactly what he dreamed of?!
He worked hard to get to where he is and thats pretty awesome!
Doesn’t hurt that he found the sweetest person ever in the world to share these moments with. Speaking of….Jamie!! Jamie you are amazing!
When you mentioned the Birch Hills Airport to me and why it was important to you (because it was important to Nick) I instantly adored you and couldn’t wait to take these pictures of you two!
I only wish that you were teaching at my kids school so that one day they could have you for a teacher! The kids you get this school year are pretty lucky!!
So for all of you that read through this, next time you are driving by the Birch Hills Airport, I hope you think of these pictures and hopefully book a photoshoot there because I need to do more pictures at the Birch Hills Airport, or any airport really 🙂