Stephen & Annie – Keswick Engagement

When I first started my photography journey this guy right here was one of my biggest supporters.

He would climb trees and pose for me, he would put on his Batman costume and jump on the trampoline while I took pictures.

He was just always…. ok mostly excited to “model” for me.

This was just a few weeks ago that we did those Batman pictures!

Ok I’m lying to you all, that was actually when we were a lot younger and I was using my good ol’ Zhers film camera to take pictures.

See, this guy here is my baby brother.

I kind of have a special place in my heart for this guy!

He has one of the biggest hearts you will ever see in a person. He cares for the people who matter most to him with everything he’s got.

Our trips back home to visit family always consist of hanging out on mom and dads couch, watching dumb boy tv shows (sorry, Stephen, your shows aren’t as cool as mine) and just chatting for hours about anything and everything.

I actually remember him chatting about Annie when we were home a few years ago. It’s crazy to think that we are now two years from that moment and here you are, planning a wedding.

Sadly that was the last time we were in Ontario to visit family (two years is to long)

So I was over the moon when he asked me to do his engagement pictures.

One because he’s my brother (duh) and two because I was so excited to meet the women he has chosen to be his bride.

She is everything I would hope for him! She loves him and he loves her and she is the cutest little thing ever!! Did you hear/read that Annie, I pretty much love you!! I am so excited we are going to be sisters and I’m so excited to see where life takes the two of you!