Marae – Prince Albert Newborn

Say hello to sweet baby Marae!
This little doll was a true gem to photograph and I have waited 9 months (and a few weeks) to photograph her session.
You see, I have been honoured with photographing Marae’s family over the last couple of years.
It started with her mom and dads engagement pictures, then the wedding, then their first maternity session, newborn session, family session, more family sessions, another maternity session and now.. this beautiful little girl’s newborn session.
This family has officially found a place in my heart and I am forever thankful they keep coming back to have their precious moments captured.
When Marae’s mama sent me the colour choices she wanted for her newborn session, we ran with it.
Wood tones with soft pink tones is easily a favourite look of mine!
We kept that soft pink tone as a theme through out her session.
It was the perfect colour choice for Marae, it worked so well with her light complexion (which is funny because the rest of her family has dark skin tones and dark hair, and here is this fair skinned, red headed little girl)
When preparing for her session I realized I didn’t have anything specific to put her in that would match those colour tones, so off I went to Michaels and created my own pink pail.
I’m trying to be more conscious about creating my own props and I think I will be heading back and creating a few more like this one.
Well without further delay, here are beautiful Marae’s newborn images