Odin-Wild ONE Cake Smash

Say hello to Odin!
Odin is the worlds most smiliest kid around (if you don’t believe me, scroll down and you’ll see just how smiley this kid is during his Wild one Cake Smash session)
Odin brought so much joy to his cake smash session, in fast I’m pretty sure the only time we heard him cry during his wild one cake smash, was when we couldn’t get him into the tub faster.
When Odin’s mom reached out to me about the Wild one Cake smash (or as I would like to call them Smash & Splash session) she wanted to do for her little mans birthday, I was over the moon excited for the style of session she wanted. (I don’t know if you have caught on yet, but it is a Wild One theme Cake smash session)
She sent me a few examples of a few ideas she had in mind and from there my creative juices started to flow.
I had my husband create the tent for the session and I stained the wood and created the fabric.
I then created the rug that is inside of the tent. (We’re talking 5 hours ya’ll to create that gorgeous piece of photo prop)
Basically if I can make it myself I’m going to and Odin’s Smash & Splash (Cake smash) gave me plenty of chances to create.

So if you are looking through this gallery and you think to yourself.. I have a baby turning one soon and this would be a great idea.
Reach out to me, I would love to help plan a special Smash & Splash (Cake smash) for your little babe.
Did I also mention that we also get our cakes from the amazing Sweet Stells Bakery & More?
She is incredible!! and she does every single cake for my smash session.

Do you see why we do a splash session after??
Odin is the perfect example of a kid who gave it his all with his smash session

Odin did not hold back when it came to the splashing portion of his session. The only time he actually cried was when we weren’t putting him in the bath fast enough.