Paul – Cake Smash & Splash

I don’t know who the genius was that created this idea of photographing a baby smashing into their first cake… but he/she is a genius!!
Lets face it, this is likely the only age where you can break into a cake like this and get praise for it. (Also its super cute and I love it!)

With covid and the uncertainty of everything around us, I didn’t get a chance to photograph this little guys sitter session and as his auntie, I am heart broken about that.
The thing is, Covid has taught me that you gotta roll with the punches. We need to adapt to the ever changing situations that seems to be happening around us (and as someone who hates change, this year has really pushed me out of my comfort zone)
So when we had to say no to sitter images we said yes to the biggest cake smash and splash session ever.

When it came to Paul’s cake smash and splash, I knew we had to do something special.

I think we nailed it on the head with his setup and cake. The setup for his Cake Smash and Splash suited his personality perfectly and it instantly made me want to make an album with these images (so if you come into my studio for a photoshoot I’ll just have to show you this little session printed and in an album)

Once again and as always, the cake was made by Sweet Stells Cakes & More
She makes all of my cakes for my Cake Smash & Splash sessions and as you can see from Paul’s photos.. they are a hit!

So enough chatting about Cake Smash and Splash sessions, welcome to my little buddies blog post from his special photoshoot.