Goodbye 2020 Hello *2021*

There are a few undeniable truths we can all acknowledge about 2020, but the most universal being: it sucked (sure, there were obviously good moments, but we are all limping away from it as we embrace the hope that this new year brings). For me it was one of the most challenging 12 months I’ve ever experienced. It did it’s best to break me and shake me straight to my core. But it also served to motivate and teach me some important lessons.

This time last year I remember being so excited by the prospect of a brand new year. 2020! It held so much promise of a successful year. I was convinced that things were going to change for the better in my business and for my personal life. Positive changes like losing weight and connecting more with my out-of-province family.

But 2020 did, what 2020 did… Restrictions and by-laws and rules came down on us all from up high. A week before we were scheduled to do dance portraits the world started to go on lockdown. Then weddings began to cancel and newborns could no longer be brought into my home studio. Kindergarten graduation sessions with the school were finally cancelled. My anxiety, like every other small business owners, started to creep up to incredible heights. All of my sources of income were gone. During a simple dinner one evening with my kids it hit me hard. I burst into tears as the reality that all I had poured into my work might not matter any more.

But 2020 wasn’t without lessons learned!
• My health needs to be a priority.
• My children are only little for so long and time with them is precious and fleeting.
• Save for the future.

Bearing this in mind, my goals for 2021 are:
1. To be more present with my family
2. Sleep more and drink more water
3. Not stress about losing weight, but work on being healthy
4. Send birthday cards on time to my nieces and nephews (this was a goal I had last year that I only met part way – the cards would often end up getting to them late). I should mention that I have 18 nieces and nephews… so it’s a fair challenge to stay on top of!

I am so thankful for every single person who has supported my business through 2020. By sharing my posts and ‘liking’ and commenting on images you are actually helping my work reach more people. That moment it took for you acknowledge an image had a big impact for me as I did my best to stay afloat.
Even when I wasn’t sure if my business would survive, I still felt an outpouring of love and support from so many of you! I am so grateful for each and every one of you.

New things to expect from Lisa Larson Photography in 2021:
1. A referral program! • Anytime you refer someone to my business and they book and pay a deposit you will get $25 towards a session of your own or towards print products from your session.
2. More “Beautiful You” sessions! • These sessions are meant to build confidence! These beautiful portraits for your pre/teen will capture an important moment in their life.
3. More blogging! • This is a challenge I start each year with the intention of fulfilling, but I really do want to be more intentional about sharing the journey of my art.

As we all look to a new year that will no doubt have many challenges, I hope that you are also embracing this as a time of personal growth! Let’s all commit to learning from the hardships and struggles that will inevitably come our way (whether it be next week, next month, next year, or way off into the future). And let’s all find ways to support local businesses who have struggled to keep their heads above water. That can have a big impact for so many!

Farewell 2020. Hello new opportunities!

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