Reed- BEaUtiful You

Last year when the world went on lockdown, I offered a promo where if you purchased a dress from Joyfolie for the studio, we would do a mini session of your daughter in the dress.
The mini session price was $200. But by doing the dress purchase for the studio, most clients spent $100-$150 (it all depended on the dress you purchased).

They would get 8 fully edited images through an online gallery with the option to purchase additional images if they desired. On top of this their daughter would get a fun filled photoshoot that celebrates her.

The Session is all about building up self confidence and, honestly, just having fun when everything in our world seemed so hectic.

As a mom to a preeteen daughter, I am learning everyday just how important it is to build our daughters up so that they know their worth and that who they are is enough.

So I want you to say hello to Reed.

This girlie had her session on a super cold fall day, but it actually worked out perfectly because that sun in her golden red hair was perfection!!

She ran and danced through the fields, and we joked and played around so that she could stay warm.
All the while finding every inch of sunshine we could get, so that we could highlight her beautiful hair.

Right now I have another special deal happening over on my BigCartel site. (CLICK HERE)
You can book your daughter in for her own Beautiful You Session.
You will have access to my client wardrobe, or the option to purchase your own for the studio and receive additional images or prints in exchange.

After all the spots have sold out, the price of the Beautiful You sessions will be increasing.

Now is the perfect time to book your girlie in for a photoshoot!