Digger Cake Smash

I first met this little man when he came in for his Christmas pictures back in November.
He sure knows how to work the cuteness level because he rocked his Christmas session and he definitely rocked his Digger Cake Smash session.

I first ordered this backdrop before anyone had booked to use it because as a mom to (a now older) boy, I knew that if I could have, I would have used this Digger Cake Smash backdrop for him.
So when I sent Lance’s mom the available backdrops, I was so excited she picked the Digger Cake smash backdrop for his pictures.

Also on a side note… I will be saying Digger Cake Smash a lot because when you use it in your writing over and over again, people who are searching for this type of cake smash will be directed to my website ( and these pictures are pretty cute that we need to share them) Also I’m still trying to decide if we should keep the name Digger Cake smash for this cake smash theme. (what are your thoughts?)

Most times when you come in for your Cake smash session I have clothing here for your little one, but Lance’s mom brought the cutest outfit for his Digger Cake Smash session and the outfit was perfection!

She also brought along some mighty machine toys for him to play with.
One of their favourite things they like to do is to push Lance around in his big truck, so it was pretty fun watching them push him around on it during his session. (There are some cute pictures below from that moment)

Huge shout out to Sweet Stells for once again creating a beautiful cake for this session!
I sent her the theme and she created this beautiful Digger Cake for Lance to smash.

Cake: Sweet Stells Cakes and More
Backdrop: Fancy Fabrics