Camping Boho Cake Smash

This setup is easily one of my favourites and it is not hard to figure out why…however I’m still going share why I love it so much.
Green is my favourite colour to start off with, but this whole vibe is what I dream to have my home look like one day. Plants everywhere, green tones and boho vibes, they speak to my soul.

So when I sent the setup to Sweet Stells she created the coolest cake for Sorren’s Boho Cake Smash. I mean, look at how unique and fun it is. Her talents never cease to amaze me. (She has complete control over what the cakes look like. It is a chance for her to have fun and create a cake that inspires her and makes the cake smash even better)

Sorren was an absolute sweetheart to photograph for his cake smash session. He was a little hesitate at first as most covid babies are. Once he got comfortable and we brought the cake out, he was ready to have fun during his session. He soaked the studio and it was a blast to be able to capture his splashes on camera. He was not holding back and that is completely ok with me.

The bath portion of the session doesn’t last too long. We kind of have an unwritten rule over here that once a baby starts to stand and jump around.. bath time is over. We also have the little ones parent close by and keeping an eye on them while they have fun in the tub (safety first!)

Cake by Sweet Stells Cakes and More
Romper by Pup and Frank Photography Props