Zepherin Sitter Session

It is a pretty wonderful thing when my newborns come back for their sitter session. Seeing them grow is one of the best parts about my job.
All newborn sessions include a complimentary sitter session for when your baby is starting to sit on their own. It is like getting two sessions for the price of one.

Little Zepherin melted my heart with his non stop smiling from the moment he came into the studio. Most covid babies are nervous around new people because they haven’t really been around anyone other then their families but Zepherin was nothing but cuddles and smiles during his sitter session.
It was pretty adorable when he crawled right to me to pick him up. There may have been a moment there when I considered the possibility of another baby.

As a mom to two preteen kids, I miss this baby stage so much. Talk about baby fever!! Everyone will tell you that times goes by so fast and you will brush it off as one of those nice sentiments.

In the moment time feels like it stands still (especially those sleepless nights when your kiddos are wide awake) but one day you will be sitting on the couch while your child tell you a story about their day at school and it will hit you…. where on earth has the time gone? How on earth have you grown so quickly!

I think this is why I am so drawn to newborn and children photography. These moments are so precious and it is so important to document them. You only have these moments for so long and then all you have left are your memories.
So mama if you are reading this and you are thinking to your self “I need to get pictures of my little one done before they hit their next milestone”. Send me a message because I would love to document this time in both of your lives.