Baby Blue – CakeSmash

It isn’t everyday you have a kid trying to climb over their cake instead of eating it during a cake smash session but that is exactly what Sully did during his photoshoot. He took his mission very seriously during his cake smash session and didn’t leave much cake left by the end of the photoshoot.

Often times parents will take home the rest of the cake because there is still a good portion of the cake that is edible. However, with Sully’s cake… there wasn’t much left to take home by the time he was finished. Trust me when I say, you will want to see just how smashed his cake got.
It took both his dad and I a bit of time to clean up the flooring before he was able to swim in the tub.

We also need to give a huge shout out to Sully’s mama because she danced, sang and made so many silly faces to get him to smile and her efforts were well received by the little man.
Sully gave us so many cute crooked smiles and wasn’t afraid to get the studio completely covered in cake and water.
I don’t think my floors have ever been that messy before.

Cake by Sweet Stells Cakes and More
Backdrop by Fancy Fabric Props