Brynn – Balloon Cake Smash

When you think of a birthday party or even just a birthday there are a few things that come to mind… like party hats, presents, cakes and balloons.
Brynn’s mom was certain of one thing, she wanted balloons for Brynn’s Cake Smash session and by golly, she got balloons.
The setup she picked out for Brynn’s Balloon Cake Smash session was perfect and it was made even more perfect by the incredible cake that Sweet Stells designed for her session.
(Did you know that Sweet Stells customizes the cakes for each Cake Smash Session?! I don’t even know what they are going to look like until I pick the cake up and each time I swear the cakes get better and better)
As I was setting up for Brynn’s Balloon Cake Smash session, I had wondered if the balloons would be a bit of a distraction (lets face it when you see a balloon you have to Instantly bop it.. its science really)
At first they were pretty distracting but once the cake came out and she was more comfortable being in front of the camera, she dug right into her cake and we managed to get the sweetest photos of her celebrating her birthday.
She even managed to completely soak the studio during her tub session.

Cake by Sweet Stells Cakes and More
Backdrop by Fancy Fabric Props
Romper by Pup and Frank