Makayla – Circus Cake Smash

This past weekend I took the kids to the Saskatoon EX. This was our first time there and oh boy did we ever go on the busiest day.
Despite the incredibly long lines (fast passes are definitely worth the money, sadly we did not have them this time) The hot hot hot sun (hello sun burn) and wearing the wrong shoes (blisters for days)
The kids and I had an absolute blast!!
This summer hasn’t really felt like summer for our family as I have been working and finishing up my clinicals for the CCA program. So this day spent together was exactly what we needed and oh boy was it great.
The kids are still talking about how much fun they had and thats when you know it was a great day.

Makayla’s Circus Cake smash although it is not a fair themed cake smash, it still kind of reminds me of our day at the fair.

We learned a lot at Makayla’s Circus Cake Smash, like don’t touch her cake..
I had asked her mama to move the cake over a little bit and oh boy did she not like that. This was her cake and only her cake (I mean, this is exactly what you want in a cake smash session, get in there and devour it)
She did manage to forgive us for touching her Cake smash cake and eventually gave us the sweetest smiles.
Through it all though I think her favourite part about her Circus Cake Smash Session was being able to splash in the tub and soak the whole studio but then again can we blame her?

Cake by Sweet Stells Cakes and More
Backdrop by Fancy Fabric
Romper by Pup and Frank