Jurassic Park Cake Smash

Cue the Jurassic Park theme song… and welcome to Mr C’s Jurassic Park Cake smash session, where babies get to live their best life eating cake, “snuggling” dinosaurs and splashing in a tiny tub until their hearts content. (Lets just say the studio was soaked at the end of his Jurassic Park Cake Smash session)
I mean, this is what cake smash sessions are all about right?
Celebrating the first year of your little ones life in style.

Without a doubt this setup is a favourite of mine and its stems from my love of all the Jurassic Park movies. I am not a fan of scary movies so Jurassic Park is as scary as I will go (I can almost hear people reading this, saying it isn’t even scary lol)

So when C’s mama picked out this setup for her little guy, my heart did a skip and we instantly got to work planning his Jurassic Park Cake Smash.
Sweet Stells created the cake for his Jurassic Park Cake Smash session and once again it was a delightful surprise.
She has creative freedom over the cakes for my cake smash sessions and I don’t even know what they look like until I arrive at her bakery to pick it up.
How it works, I send her an image of the setup and she lets her creativity flow from there.

I try to make Cake Smash sessions as easy as possible for you, so that all you have to do is bring your baby, some water (because lets face it, after smashing a cake you are going to want to wash it all down with a big gulp of water)
Everything else is taken care of for when you arrive.
The setup, the outfits, the tub and of course the cake!

Do you have a baby who is about to turn 1 soon or who may have turned one recently, send me a message and lets start planning.