Cain – CakeSmash

You know, moms are pretty incredible and truthfully I don’t think we give enough credit to just how incredible moms are.
We carry our babies for 9 months (if lucky), go through incredible pain for a long period of time in order to bring our babies into the world, some even have to have a C-section where their bodies are literally cut open to bring new life into the world and then if this isn’t your first baby and you and your baby don’t have to be in the NICU, you are out of the hospital in only a few short hours!

So speaking of how amazing moms are, we need to take a moment to celebrate Cain’s mom because she is a total warrior and is beyond incredible. Not only did she have two children while attending school to become a RN.
She gave birth to Cain at midnight and then joined in for her class zoom meeting that following morning. I told her she should have held that baby up for everyone to see and show off her amazingness, because how many of us can say that after only a few short hours after giving birth we attended class?
I am so beyond happy for you S and for the amazing things you will do as a RN.
You are already an incredible mother and you pushing through these last four years of schooling, practicums and having two children during this time… You are amazing!

Now back to Cain and this wee little guys cake smash session.
Both mom and dad were able to be there for his cake smash session and it was perfect because both of them kept this little many going through his photoshoot.
Cain is officially the first baby I have ever had that has been afraid of his cake but, after a few snuggles and some music we were able to get some pretty awesome pictures of him lightly smashing his cake.

However, I think the splashing part of his cake smash session was the best because he absolutely loved being in the tub and could have stayed in there all day if we had let him.

If you look closely to the left, you can see Cain’s dad is right there. Safety is my #1 here at the studio so we always want to make sure your baby has someone right there, especially when sitting on a cute chair like this
You can have a bubble bath without bubbles…