Avery Prince Albert Graduation

It feels like it was a life time ago that Avery and I first met. I was holding dance minis at the Performing Arts Warehouse and Avery came in with her red costume on and she totally rocked her photoshoot.
So when we arrived and she was once again wearing a red dress, I knew this photoshoot wouldn’t be any different, in fact it was BETTER!

We started her session off where she shines, the E.A Rawlinson Centre where she has spent many hours competing and performing through out the years.

We toured through the building and took advantage of every area we could imagine but to be honest, my favourite images have to be of the ones of her with the mirrors in the dressing room and with her on stage. This is her home, this is where she excels and getting a chance to photograph her in her element really brought her images to a whole new level.

Congratulations Avery, I am so so so proud of you and excited to see where this life takes you and what fun adventures you will get up to during your time in Toronto.