Kohlson – Newborn

There is a lot of emotions surrounding sweet Kohlson and his newborn pictures.
I don’t know if many people know this or not but along side running LLBaby and Lisa Larson Photography, I am also a CCA (Care Aide) at a home where I get to help grandma’s and grandpa’s with their daily living.
Kohlson’s great grandpa was one of them and oh man was he ever one of the best.
He never failed to make me smile and I definitely tried my best everyday to put a smile on his face.
Often times I would be humming or lightly singing a song (truthfully don’t always realize that I am doing this) but he would smile and say “I like that, your a happy girl”

So when Kohlson, Cassie and Cassie’s mom came in, we talked and shared stories about this sweet man we had the honour of knowing.

There are endless stories I could share about him but then you would be here reading for hours and then missing out on seeing these photos of this tiny squish.