Lincoln – Mountain CakeSmash

The mountains are calling so I must go… and bring along a delicious cake as well.
That is exactly what we did for Lincoln’s Mountain inspired Cake Smash session.
We brought the cake, the twinkle lights and some teddy bears to celebrate with us.

What I love about this cake smash session is that only just a year ago, Lincoln came in with his family for Christmas pictures. HIs mama brought him in a fuzzy bear sleeper/outfit and here we are, back in the studio doing a cake smash with teddy bears. Talk about full circle!
The absolute best way to celebrate his birthday.

but lets just take a minute to just ooo and aww over the cake that Sweet Stells created for this session. I mean.. how incredible is that cake?! (It is definitely one of my favourites for sure)
Lincoln sure liked it as well and that makes me so happy because it is the best when our 1 year olds truly embrace the cake smash.