THE BIG ONE- Cake Smash

One of my favourite things when it comes to a cake smash session, is that it can be so personal to the family.
You take a theme or a colour scheme and use it to celebrate your baby turning one!
If you are a family who loves hunting and fishing like Lucas’s family, then this setup is perfect for you.

We call this cake smash, The Big ONE. because let’s face it, your baby turning one is a big deal and should definitely be celebrated.
Throw in growing up through a pandemic.. heck, you need a parade because this year hasn’t been easy for anyone!

During Lucas’s cake smash, he started off unsure of the whole thing. (once again we need to give these little ones props for handling this pandemic so well)
His family has done a great job of staying home and staying healthy during this time and so he was a little unsure of me at first.

We switched it up a bit..
We did a few pictures to start off with and then brought out the cake and let him do his thing.
But… it was the bath that was his favourite part and I don’t blame him, who doesn’t love a bubble bath.

So after all of this, we made the decision to try and get a few extra images. Keep in mind that not every baby is going to be ok with this, most little ones last 45 minutes tops when it comes to a cake smash session but we decided to give it a go and I’m so glad we did.

Huge shout out to all these amazing people for their artistic abilities to help bring this whole session together. Click on their names to be taken to their website or shop

Cake: Sweet Stells Cakes and More
Backdrop: Fancy Fabric and Props
Blue overalls: Zoi k Photo Props
Beige striped romper: Pup and Frank